What we do.

We make films. Simple right? Sometimes it can be. We have a wealth of experience taking the gossamer threads of an initial concept and then, through thoughtful, hard work – weave together a cohesive, fully fleshed in story. What’s your story?

How we do it.

Do you wake up in the morning (or evening) and froth at the mouth as you prepare to go to work? We do. We love what we do, and hopefully it shows. We wear a lot of hats and keep the overhead low, enabling us to work closely with the client – Streamlined!

Where we do it.

Sometimes we work from an airport out of a suitcase. Other times we work in our underwear from our home studio. Often times we are on location either sweating our asses off or freezing our asses off.  We’ve shot in every corner of the world and have cut thousands of hours of award winning content. Hell, we still own light meters… We have offices in Seattle and in Los Angeles.

Michael Maniglia


Mike started his career in the film industry working for his family, eventually moving on to become a union camera assistant in New York – LOCAL 600 – (Law and Order: SVU). He launched his independent career making commercials, films and industrials for a diverse stable of clients. He has shot, directed and produced for Quiksilver Int’l, DRIFT Innovation, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, TLC, Travel CH, Food Network, MICROSOFT, Half Yard Prod’s, Storyhouse Prod’s, and Light in the Attic Records. He has won awards for his documentary work, music videos and short films. Mike’s experience in the studio system has helped him develop all the necessary skills that an independent filmmaker requires in today’s market place of evolving technology and tight delivery expectations. Mike can run a production from top to bottom, inside/out, script to screen.

Script to Screen

We write, prep, shoot and finish with the best of them. From our documentary experience to the many years of narrative film production we have under our black belts – we can handle any project scaled up or down. From EPKs, industrial ad spots, sizzle reels, music videos, documentary features, horror, drama, kitchen tool virals and UAV ops – we do it. Yes, in-house.

Christian Ratsek

Producer / Composer

Christian has been a pioneer in the electronic music industry for almost 2 decades. From his humble beginnings as a radio and club DJ and event promoter, he has honed his craft as a versatile producer for many projects that include commercials, documentaries and TV episodes. His broad range encompasses every facet of electronic music.