What we do.

There are certain things about any given project you need or can’t do without. The concept and direction are of course two vital aspects, and another very important one is the budget.  The outcome is the result of hard work and getting creative due to constraints in every form.  The first challenge is keeping the overhead low and the production value high. That’s our day job. Our night job is cutting all that footage.

Where we do it.

From port to port, country to country, state to state – we have navigated the countless logistical left turns that inevitably occur on every location shoot and every project. We shoot in the tropics and we shoot in the arctic, in friendly countries and one’s that aren’t so friendly. On set or stage and crewed up, we have produced award winning music videos and narrative works, compelling documentaries and features. We do cool stuff but are total geeks at heart. We love and appreciate the nuances that make a good edit sing and that perfect shot stand out.

Michael Maniglia

Principal – Producer / Director / DP / Editor

Subterra Films Demo Reel 2019