Mark Hubbard was a man of many talents. It hurts to write about him in the past tense but I have to, as he passed away recently and that is the only way of putting it: He passed away – because he is certainly not gone.  He’s still with us in so many ways – With the parks he built or was part of building with Grindline Skateparks or the music he made with Grindline the band, ALL OF IT – in all its glory.  Luckily we were able to capture some really cool stuff when we worked together. Mark was always psyched to do something off the cuff, something weird. This little film was the last thing we did together, it was intended to be the first installment of something more substantial, more fleshed out, but it never panned. I’m just glad this alone exists and it does in a way that perfectly fits his whole ethos, his life. Rest in peace my friend ~

Music by Grindline the band
Aerials and gimbal work by David R. Heyduck