Sometimes we do things for ourselves and sometimes we do things for others. Dr. “G” has made it his life’s work to do things for the less fortunate in a spectacular way. His philanthropy has transformed the lives of people all over the world in developing regions that have no access to any kind of health care. Could you imagine not even knowing a doctor, or what one is? Yes, in this day and age of information and education there are parts of the planet so remote, so out of touch – and so poor – they suffer and die from the most basic of ailments. Something like a hernia can kill without access to basic medical services. Dr. “G” has a foundation called “Mission 2 Heal”, an NGO that focuses on health care and education in the most far flung and needy areas of the planet. He does so by travelling overland with a mobile surgical unit in a vehicle that literally fords rivers and climbs mountains. His NGO is not financed by a government or corporation, all the money they raise goes to keeping the lights on and preparing for the next mission. They need OUR help.
We have been tasked to travel with M2H and create a unique and important documentary film that will save lives. Sometimes the ask is the hardest part, but not in this case. Only a few thousand dollars are needed to span the gap in financing a journey of epic proportions and consequences.