We’ve just returned from our first location shoot in Montana. I along with Brian, Abigail, Kerry and Calvin converged on Big Sky Country late last month, ready to roll cameras and start collecting stories…

We treated this “shoot” as a scout as well; more of a pivotal mission to meet our subjects and cohorts in the flesh in order to move forward with grace. This, finally after years of pre-production and planning. And yes, all this post covid – although now with the new strains, impervious to any vaccinations, we still live within the “covid era”.

The stories that emerged were told by a wide variety of people. From Joe Bird Rattler, now 85 years young, to John Pepion (30’s), whose artwork is on display at the national portrait gallery metaphorically representing the next generation.

Our first sojourn into Indian Country was a resounding success… Proof of concept soon!

Director / Producer – Michael Maniglia

Producers – Kerry Pride, Calvin Lime