From: 2011

So after two months of being on the road and up in the air with a crew of 8 Italian nationals, travelling around this great country of ours producing an eleven episode documentary for Mediaset (Italy’s largest network)… I’m tired. But I will tell all who read this: It was an unforgettable and once in a life-time experience for all involved. We went from New York City to Chicago to LA onto Las Vegas, San Francisco, DC, New Orleans and Miami in about 7 weeks, spending a week at each location for the episode. An episode featured a different personality who has emigrated from Italy and thrives in the states. All incredibly interesting people I must say, from all walks of life, each representing what it is to live away from their “culture” but still respect and carry on in many ways. My crew was amazing and incredibly fun to work with. A presto mio amici !